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"I love how the teachers take the time to talk to me when I come to pick my child up and report how they have been that day, what my child is doing well at. It makes it easier to leave my child all day when I know that they are safe with people that truly do care for them. I also really like your board that shows what the children have been up too, skills that have been noticed etc. Helps us as parents so we can carry on encouraging development in particular areas of interest when we get home :)"
- Anonymous 

“Wow - every week I get such pleasure picking up Stella and learning about what she did in the morning. I always get a detailed run down of her adventures and funny things she has said. I always get told what she ate for lunch and we get to take home any of her crafts - this is very special so her Dad can see them too!”
- Joanna Geary

Comments from our yearly survey question 'what we do well'

  • "Our child was supported really well during toilet training which made all of us very happy and helped a lot"
  • "Small friendly centre, that seems to integrate both the indoors and outdoors effectively in providing an environment to explore and learn."
  • "Community feel, family like environment." 
  • "That you encourage children to be resourceful and promote health. Growing gardens and teaching them to be self sufficient and care for the environment." 
  • "Long term teachers who are passionate and nurturing."
  • "I really like the Nursery primary caregiving system as I know there is a dedicated person to care for my boy throughout the day."
  • "My children are generally happy to go to pre-school, are well looked after and socialise well with others."