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What do I need to bring for enrolment?

On enrolment you are required to bring:

  • Your child's birth certificate or passport
  • Immunisation record (found in your Plunket book)
  • Completed enrolment form

What do I need to bring when my child starts preschool?

  • Change of NAMED clothes, both hot & cold weather. (Extra clothes and shoes if toilet training)
  • Coat and woollen hat for winter
  • Sunhat for summer
  • We supply sunblock but if your child has sensitive skin you are welcome to supply your own
  • Lunchbox
  • Nappies and Wipes for children in nappies (if cloth nappies liners are required)
  • Breast milk or formula for babies
  • Any special comforters

Do I have to pay for holidays/sick days?

Yes. Full time children pay a flat full time rate whether the Centre is open or closed due to them receiving a discounted rate. Part time children do not pay for statutory days. Payment must be made for bookings whether the child attends or not as the centre still incurs costs whether your child attends or not. There are no make-up days. The centre does not charge if the centre is not used for a 2 week period over the christmas period, we also give our parents that don't receive 20 Hours ECE a 2 week period throughout the year to use at a 50% discount. More details are available in our Fees Policy at the centre.

What subsidies do you provide?

Subsidies are made available through WINZ. Our centre supports the 20 hours ECE scheme. Please enquire at your local WINZ office or through our centre for further advice.

What happens if there is an emergency with my child?

This depends on the nature of the emergency. Upon signing the enrolment agreement, you give Little Explorers Preschool the right to provide the necessary care required for your child whether that be a doctors visit or a visit to the emergency department. In any and all circumstances, every attempt will be made to contact you or your emergency alternate. Little Explorers also has a centre Facebook page which all parents can join. In an emergency, we will also update via the Facebook page informing parents of the centres status should the need arise.

Can anyone pick up my child?

No. Only those who you have expressed permission on the enrolement form may collect your child. Photo identification must be provided before a child is released to an alternate collector.

What are your sleep and rest times?

Children are able to sleep according to their own sleeping patterns. Each child's sleeping times will be recorded daily on a sleep record which is hung on a clipboard near the sleep room door in the under 2's and in the over 2's on the playroom wall.

Do you provide lunch or other meals?

Lunch is supplied by parents. There is a fruit basket that everyone donates to which we use for morning and afternoon teas. We also do baking and cooking using food from our vegetable garden with the children.

Do you celebrate birthdays?

We celebrate birthdays at preschool and ask that if you choose to provide anything that you consider healthy options and that you provide a list of ingredients.